Monday, August 02, 2010

...Alhamdulillah, rezeki menang contest...

 Salam happy today...just want to share a gud news...ermmm tgk title pun dah tau kan...hehe...pice afiq menang contest Melts My Heart Away...anjuran Lensamama...

Kat bawah ni n3 copy dr lensamama...Alhamdulillah...dah lame tak menang contest...heee...tapi baru kali ke-4...kawan2 yang lain lg besh...lagi byk menang kan kan kan...hehe...ape2 pun alhamdulillah... ;-)

It's the most awaited day for all the mommies right? Hehehe... It's time for me to announce the Winner for last month lensaMama's Contest.

Winner of the Melts My Heart Away Contest by lensaMama, which will automatically get a ticket to compete in lensaMama's Idol is....

Drum rolls please...






Judges decision is final. Congratulation! Muhammad Rafiq Naufal is the second contestant for lensaMama's Idol. For Muhammad Rafiq Naufal's mummy please send me an email for prize collection.

Winner of the month received:

 An 8"x8" canvas print from lensaMama

RM10 worth of voucher from PinkyFrogShop

RM10 worth of voucher from Funky Mama

Watch out for our next contest. I have already had a theme on my mind but wait for the announcement ya! Thanks for joining :)

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mama naufal said...

tahniah afiq anak ibu yg comel..
dah lama mama naufal mnyepi, dan dah lame x bc blog afiq.. ni baru nk kembali semula..